Corporate Travel

We understand the importance of keeping your staff safe and healthy when they travel overseas, especially if they travel regularly or have stopovers in developing countries.

The Perth Vaccination & Travel Centre is the corporate ‘one stop shop’ – having all your health services in the one convenient location.

  • Pre travel assessments 
    • An individual assessment based on your itinerary
    • Recommended vaccines based on your current health, travel destinations, style of travel, duration of travel and anticipated activities
    • Information on the destination country including current health concerns, country information, security and safety bulletins, common high risk illnesses, and general travel advice
    •  Pocket-sized medical guide and vaccination certificate.
  • Post travel assessments
    • An individual assessment based on your itinerary
    • Discussion of any concerns, risks, bites, injuries or illnesses which may have occurred during your travels
    • Screening and treatment of any new symptoms if required.
  • Travel vaccinations
    All vaccinations are kept onsite and are available at the time of your travel consultation. We are a Yellow Fever Registered Clinic.
  • Travel products
    All the travel products at the Perth Vaccination & Travel Centre are of high quality in accordance to Australia’s high quality control. Certain items are available only after being prescribed by the travel doctor.

The Perth Vaccination & Travel Centre supplies and provides education regarding the use of self-testing malaria kits and medication for treatment in remote areas.