Top 5 Articles | April

It’s time for the April roundup. These are the top 5 articles written last month, based on page views. If you haven’t read them yet, take a look. Don’t forget that comments are welcome and encouraged. If you have something to add to the article or don’t agree with what I wrote then say so in the comments.

1. Japanese Encephalitis

The Japanese encephalitis virus is one of the most common travel related diseases with around 50,000 cases per year. It is spread by infected mosquitos found primarily in South East Asia and the Far East. There is a vaccine available to prevent this potentially fatal disease, so it is advised to see your travel doctor well before travel to high risk countries.

2. Are Fruit Juices Healthy?

We all know that fruit is good for us and we should be eating two or three services of fruit per day. Again, it’s common sense really. Fruit juice contains important vitamins and antioxidants but you’ll lose most if not all of the fibre. Fibre is extremely important and it is recommended that we eat around 30 grams of fibre per day.

3. Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet

For most of us, we just need to add a couple more servings of fresh food daily and we’ll be right but don’t forget the fish, nuts, and olive oil to get the real benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

4. Health Benefits of Coffee

So should you be drinking coffee? Well, as usual, moderation is the key. A couple of cups of coffee per day should be fine for most healthy people.

5. Quit Smoking

According to studies on smokers, if you smoke1 pack of cigarettes a day for 10 years you lose 2 years of your life. If you smoke2 packs in 10 years time you lose 4 years. If you have smoked one pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years you lose 4 years off of your life and if you smoke2 packs a day in 20 years you lose 9 years off of your life.